Quando a seca entra
02.04 — 16.05.15

For a few years, since returning to his hometown (Uberaba), Fábio Baroli has dedicated himself to painting Matuto. The hillbilly in the dictionary, the man who lives in the forest, the rural dweller, the backwoodsman — and everything related to the countryside, to the forest. From observing his favorite haunts, and from all the themes that were dear to them, from the puns and common jokes, it was natural that he turned his eyes to his own history: the history of the family.

In this exhibition Baroli brings us a series of paintings in small formats constituted in segments by independent canvases that can be correlated, generating uninterrupted visual narratives. For each composition, references from old analog photographs, family albums, and digital images are used. It is a work that brings images of daily life in the countryside in different places, times and generations, in a mixture of memories that allow us to (re)know what lives in the imagination of many. A game of images and memories in search of reinterpretations that raise the identification of what was experienced or heard told in a story. The series aims to encompass the procedural and chronological not as a sequential succession of events, but as moments that transit between temporalities, having paths, learnings and twists related to the unfolding of poetics that result in imagetic, memorial and inventive cartographic plans that often get shuffled.