11.11 — 03.02.24

It is with enthusiasm that we receive, on Superfície’s ground floor, the exhibition CADEIRAÇO, first solo by Andréa Hygino, a recently represented artist by the gallery, for the opening our 2023 exhibitions program. With critic text by Tiago Sant’ana, the showing presents a set of eight works that permeate different media, from photography to sculpture.

Andréa’s production discusses school training devices within the public education system. Visual artist and art educator, she uses elements from classrooms — such as lined sheets, used pencils, desks, didactic stamps and calligraphy exercises — to question the violent coercive practices already so institutionalized in national education, and which mainly affect the marginalized bodies of students within communities.

Based on graphic processes of repetition, differentiation and mirroring, the artist operates an aesthetic displacement and conducts disruptive and dysfunctional experiments presented in her first solo exhibition. The opening takes place simultaneously with Where the Earth bends, solo by Marina Camargo, on the upper floor of the gallery.

The show opens on November 11th remaining on display until February 3rd of 2024, and can be visited from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm, and Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm.

Epidermic Scapes
Pigmento mineral sobre papel
91,5 × 107,5 cm


Manequins de Dusseldorf

Mineral pigment
on Enhanced Matte paper
90 x 180 cm

A Filha de Godiva

Digital printing from
device, radiography
and xerography
Triptych: 113 x 87,5 cm [cada]

Sem Título

from the series ‘Verão’, 1985
Colored photography
21,5 x 797 cm


on silver gelatin
Polyptych of eight,
96 x 76 cm [each]

Atenção I

Photography and text
on electronic panel
Diptych: 43,5 x 65 cm,
9 x 65 x 8 cm

Ao telefone

from the series ‘Película’, 2001-2002
Single-frame in colors Poliptych of five:
52 x 72 cm [each]

O Beijo

from the series ‘De Película’, 2001-2002
Single-frame in colors Poliptych of six:
52 x 72 cm [each]

L’ Intervallo Perduto (homenagem a Gillo Dorfles)

2018th reedition
28 photos, 12” TV, acetate sign, voile and aluminum pedestal
Variable dimensions

The Birds

from the series ‘De Película’, 2001-2002
Single-frame in colors Poliptych of ten:
13 x 19 cm [each]

Epidermic Scapes

Photographic enlargement from the printing of the skin
100 x 121 cm [each]

Testarte VI, Muros

Fotografia p&b

On Ice

Digital print on cotton paper
Polyptych of six,
70 x 70 cm [each]

One Way, Two Ways

Photography on silver gelatin
Diptych 30 x 42 cm [each]