O Ventre da Terra
24.02 — 22.05.21

Text: Pollyana Quintella

Viewing Room


Galeria Superfície is pleased to present and invite you to the collective exhibition “O Ventre da Terra”.

As a starting point the work entitled “Passagem” from the artist Celeida Tostes (1929–1995), the exhibition brings together a set of works that deal with themes related to fertility, birth, life and death. A look at the place of origin, at the processes that are characteristic of the human nature, of the cycles that begin and end on earth.

The exhibition features a group of artists mostly from the same generation, bringing together historical works by names such as Amelia Toledo, Ana Mendieta, Anna Bella Geiger, Anna Maria Maiolino, Celeida Tostes, Hélio Eichbauer, Lotus Lobo, Mara Alvares, Neide Sá, Nydia Negromonte, Péricles Eugênio da Silva, Sérvulo Esmeraldo, Tunga and Vera Chaves Barcellos. Developed in partnership with the architecture studio MNMA, the exhibition was entirely done on earth, using the ancient technique of construction with adobe and rammed earth.

It will be a long lasting exhibition and it includes procedural installations that will be constantly changing and impermanent. As is the example of the work proposed by the artist Lotus Lobo, which consists of the creation and cultivation of a corn plantation inside the exhibition space. Originally presented in the famous exhibition “Do Corpo à Terra”, conceived by the critic Frederico Morais in 1970, the work will be reassembled on that occasion. As well as the installation entitled “Posta” by the artist Nydia Negromonte, initially presented at the 30th Bienal Internacional de São Paulo.

Celeida Tostes

Passagem, 1979/2021
Print on photographic paper
Set of 23 images + poem

Ana Mendieta

Untitled, from the series “Silueta”, 1977
Print on photographic paper
25.40 × 20.30 cm

Mara Alvares

Jogo de Esconder em 6 Toques, from the series “Adansônia”, 1976
Print on photographic paper
Set of 6 photographies, 45 × 43 each

Anna Maria Maiolino

Untitled, from the series “Vida Afora — Fotopoemação”, 1981/2010
Print on photographic paper
110 × 80 cm

Vera Chaves Barcellos

Memórias, 1978
Enlargement on photographic paper
Polyptych of 20, 18 × 24 cm each

Anna Bella Geiger

Brasil Nativo/Brasil Alienígena, 1976–1977
Print on photographic paper
Polyptych of 18 postal cards, 10 × 15 cm each