O Começo de Uma Coisa Maior — e de Um Dilema
06.06 — 18.07.19

Curatorship and text: Galciani Neves


Galeria Superfície is pleased to present “O Começo de Uma Coisa Maior — e de Um Dilema”, an individual exhibition by artist Guga Szabzon. Curated by Galciani Neves, the exhibition presents works from the artist’s most recent production.

Sewing — whether on fabric or on paper — is still present as one of the most characteristic constructive elements of Guga’s work. However, before being used to compose patterns, maps, words, sewing now also becomes abstraction.

Through a kind of mapping on a variable scale, the artist presents to the public an intimate cartography of her feelings and her existence. Guga is faced with a greater thing, but also with a dilemma: the infinity inherent in human experience.