The Poetry and the Visual Arts
10.04 — 02.06.18

The exhibition “Poetry and The Visual Arts” inaugurates the new space of the Galeria Superfície, which underwent a renovation of its headquarters located in the Jardins neighborhood, in São Paulo, gaining a second floor. With Gustavo Nóbrega’s organization, the show brings together a collection of works by artists from different generations in a panoramic cut that highlights the use of the word, its transformation and even its exclusion through association and codification.

The organization of the exhibition is based on the text by art critic Frederico Morais, “Poesia e as Artes Visuais”, originally published in Diário de Minas newspaper in May 1957, and considered the first critical text on the work “A Ave”, by Wlademir Dias-Pino. The exhibition brings the legacy of avant-garde poets and artists, in dialogue with contemporary artists, heirs or successors of the use of the word in the image.