SP-Arte 2021 — Yasmin Guimarães: Idyllic Landscapes
20.10 — 24.10.21

In addition to the participation in the 17th edition of the SP-Arte fair, Galeria Superfície presents a solo project by artist Yasmin Guimarães in the Viewing Room.

The canvases painted by Yasmin Guimarães bring back the calm that has been lacking in recent times. In a kind of escapism, the artist paints imaginary landscapes from dots, short, empty brushstrokes, caked with color and subtle chromatic stains. The canvas, almost always raw and apparent, dialogues in a simple and courageous way with the history of art. Yasmin’s process starts with the gestures of painting, the staggering of spaces and the nullification of perspective. Her works stick to the plane, exploring the possibilities of expanding the limits of thinking and painting. The artist’s pictorial inscriptions arise from the intensity and breadth of her gestures, on canvases of large or small format. While the smaller ones concentrate the intention of the artist’s gesture on the surface, the larger ones make the gestures potentiate through the scale. There is in Yasmin’s work a silent scream that is at the same time appeasing. The potency of her paintings resides in their simplicity and in their ability to allow the spectator to daydream.

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