SP-Arte 2021 — ARCA
20.10 — 24.10.21

Superfície announces its participation in the 17th edition of the SP-Arte fair, which this year takes place in a hybrid model, integrating the in-person to the virtual, and presents a careful selection of works by emerging artists in dialogue with historical artists from around the 70s. Among them are four new artists represented: Renata De Bonis, Vitor Cesar, Andréa Hygino and Romanita Disconzi. Following the gallery’s proposal, which rethinks contemporary art from a conceptual perspective, works by Vera Chaves Barcellos, Neide Sá, Mira Schendel, Leonilson, Lotus Lobo, Pedro Escosteguy, Arthur Chaves and Guga Szabzon make up our space at the fair, encompassing productions from the 60s to today.