Vento Sul
27.11 — 24.02.22

Text: Veronica Stigger

The exhibition is on view until February 5th and can be visited from Tuesday to Friday, from 10am to 7pm, and Saturday, from 11am to 5pm.


On November 27th, Superfície opens the solo exhibition by the artist Renata De Bonis, celebrating the beginning of her representation by the gallery. Entitled Vento Sul [South Wind], the show features a text written by Veronica Stigger, and brings together around eighteen paintings by the artist, along with one installation.

South wind is the polar air wind, which arrives strong and cold, sweeping everything in front of it. For the artist, the title serves as a metaphor for her return to Brazil, after a long period living abroad. This metaphor gains concreteness in the installation composed by bronze replicas of branches, seeds and bark scattered on the gallery floor, which were carried by the wind to the corners of the backyard of her house in São Paulo. It is as if the bronze made that fleeting moment perennial.

Her paintings echo the fierce spirit of the south wind. Sometimes, she refers to the work of the German romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, in which the human figure is portrayed in front a sublime landscape, in such a way as to become small and powerless, often back turned to the spectator. Renata De Bonis portrays her friends in the same way, and they don’t seem to realize that they are objects of observation; often wearing headphones, which makes them even more oblivious to their surroundings. In other cases, there is an absence of human presence, making landscapes more conceptual and contemplative. They often appear in diptychs or polyptychs: she paints different moments of observation, different moods and spirits. There is an atmosphere of silence that permeates the exhibition, almost as if it was only possible to hear the strong south wind.

We invite you to check out the Vento Sul show, by artist Renata De Bonis, on Saturday, November 27th, 2021, from 11am to 5pm. It is with joy that we restart the cycle of in-person openings at Galeria Superfície. The exhibition will be open to the public until February 5th, 2022.


Nascente, 2021

Oil and wax on linen
140 × 120 cm

Não há outro caminho, 2021

Oil on canvas
Polyptych of 5, 27 × 35 cm e

Clareira, 2021

Oil on linen
130 × 110 cm

Duas luas, 2021

Oil on canvas
Diptych, 27 × 35 each

Suspenso (Rothko Chapel), 2021

Oil on linen
80 × 60 cm