Onde a Terra dobra
09.02 — 15.03.23

It is with enthusiasm that we receive, on the first floor of Superfície, the exhibition Where the Earth Bends, a solo exhibition by Marina Camargo, an artist recently represented by the gallery, which opens our 2023 exhibition program. With text by Taisa Palhares, the exhibition presents a set of of eight works that reveal the artist’s own vocabulary when questioning cartographic representations.

Based on the idea that every map has a fictional dimension, Marina manipulates, transforms and restructures cartographic narratives, altering the historical, economic, political and social meanings that govern these representations. As texts without words, her drawings investigate the flawed place of these models: what remains incomplete in the accounts of the world.

Pouring her production over different supports — sometimes in three-dimensional installations, rubber or metal, sometimes in the form of drawings, photographs or paintings — Marina Camargo attributes a corporeality to maps that does not belong to the nature of cartography, referring to a sculptural dimension of forms. The opening takes place simultaneously with that of CADEIRAÇO, a solo show by Andréa Hygino, on the ground floor of the gallery.

The exhibition opens on February 9, remaining on display until March 15, 2023, and can be visited from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm, and Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm.

Soft map [Infinite South]
220 × 400 cm


Mapa-Mole [Sul Infinito]

Cutout rubber
220 × 400cm

Notas sobre a história universal

Painting on book pages
Polyptych of 20:
130 × 230 cm [total];
23 × 32 cm [cada]

Songlines [América do Sul]

Booklet, music stand and audio

Map-Múndi [Projeção GallPeters]

from the series Unfolded Geographies
India ink on laminated wood sheet
60 × 120 cm

Mapa-Múndi [Projeção Mercator]

from the series Unfolded Geographies
India ink on laminated wood sheet
60 × 60 cm

Mapa-Mole [Atlântico Sul]

Cutout rubber
138 × 222 cm

Detecção de latitudes e longitudes