20.10 — 28.11.15

Galeria Superfície is pleased to present “Influxo”, the first solo exhibition by artist Omar Salomão in São Paulo.

His work is an investigation into the relationship between word and image. The artist does not draw his sentences to explain anything. His idea when associating a text with an image is to create a third element, instead of emphasizing one another, they add up to generate other meanings; to create new layers of understanding. Critic Frederico Coelho identifies an element of connection between his works: his references to what is transient. “The transient here is the very condition of our lives. Omar shows us that his art offers us a bridge between our raw life and the always potent detail of the brief beauty that composes it”, writes Coelho. That’s why clouds, drops, ice cubes, bird flights enter.

At the gallery he exhibits some of the works presented in his solo show at Oi Futuro in Rio de Janeiro, and other works and installations developed especially for this solo show.