Eyes e yes
16.06 — 14.07.18

Galeria Superfície is pleased to invite you to the exhibition “Eyes e yes”, the second solo show by artist Yasmin Guimarães at the gallery. The exhibition brings together subtle paintings, marked by the composition between representation and abstraction, a recurrent theme in the artist’s production.

On canvases of different dimensions and using a profusion of materials, such as raw linen, paper and oil paint, Yasmin’s paintings start from the representation of landscapes, images and elements of the world, which dismantle and fragment into short strokes, sparse paint smears or slurries of color.

The series of paintings shown in “Eyes e yes” arises, in Yasmin’s words, “from a desire to unite wind, sculpture and landscapes”. From the union of these three elements, the artist presents us with a silent and poetic cut of her production, resulting in paintings that seem to have been blown onto the canvas.