E Tudo Me Parece Voo
01.08 — 31.08.19

Curatorship: Keyna Eleison


Galeria Superfície is pleased to present “E Tudo Me Parece Voo”, the second solo exhibition by artist Anna Costa e Silva (Rio de Janeiro, 1988) at the gallery curated by Keyna Eleison. Bringing together sound installations, videos and photos, the artist proposes to the public the observation of feminine affections and narratives and suspended states of consciousness.

The exhibition continues the artist’s poetic strategy, which produces works from the encounters between people. The unreleased sound installation “Círculo” brings together a series of women’s letters to their ancestors and descendants, obtained from an open call widely circulated on social networks. The narratives, read by the authors themselves or the recipients of the letters, occupy chairs arranged in a circular form, presenting a diversity of particular universes. Together, they echo like a female choir of affection that sings softly, unveiling hidden narratives and worlds and inviting audiences to a shared listening experience.

Os Sonhos Recorrentes das Minhas Amigas” presents a collection of testimonials collected about unconscious ghosts of close people and “As Tentativas“, an observation of dream states in everyday context. The gathering of the works in the exhibition space creates a silent atmosphere, deep diving into the human imagination. An investigation of the “interstates”, the moments of time suspension, so dear to Anna.

The search for intimate and hidden narratives, always present in the artist’s work, is shown in “E Tudo Me Parece Voo” with a particular detail. The works presented, fragments of moments lived by Anna in her long-term research on human experience and connection, point to a transcendence of the banal, reaching the point where daily life, desire and dream merge.

According to the curator “Anna develops her research and performs her works from an intimate forum, with an intense particularity that is perceived human and public. It is possible to recognize in her poetics the rhythm of everyday life, the music of everyday life. The flight perceived from a gesture expressed in the works, a common moment that leads us to suspension.”